Sovereign Credit Repair Can Help Repair Your Credit!

Sovereign Credit Repair Can Help Repair Your Credit!

Sovereign Credit Repair Counseling operates within the regulations of the CROA (Credit Repairs Organizations ACT) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting ACT). We will not charge you for any service we have not provided. However we will let you know about your rights to obtain a credit report and dispute any inaccurate information on your own.

If you choose to work with us in order to improve your credit score and upgrade your financial status, you will receive a copy of our contract and are free to cancel anytime up to three days upon signature. Sovereign Credit Repair Counseling will not go against CROA regulations.

We help you get into better financial shape with credit repair.

Is not just a lifestyle change, it is a lifetime decision.

Once you decide to workout with Sovereign Credit Repair Counseling, we will help you check out

- Receive a credit consultation that will help you review your credit report and pinpoint misleading, inaccurate, or erroneous information on your credit report. We will also explain what and how the FICO Scoring Model work.

-If you decide to dispute items on your credit report we can provide you with different service programs.

-After completing your service with our company, Sovereign Credit Repair Counseling has products that will help you defend and improve your credit.

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