Legitimate, legal credit repair companies operate within the bounds of the CROA. We won’t charge you for services we haven’t yet completed. We’ll let you know about your rights to obtain a credit report and dispute inaccurate information on your own.


It’s easy as 1-2-3. First: We help you order your credit reports. Second: We walk you through the process of analyzing your credit report and together we will develop a plan hand on hand of the items that need to be disputed. Third: We dispute any incorrect information.


With thousands of disputes and growing to their name, our processing staff will verify and dispute all inaccuracies on your credit. Our Credit Repair Professionals will help you build or establish new credit, with Guaranteed Approval and No Credit Check.


In just one month Sovereign Credit Repair turned my credit score from the 500′s to over 700. It had been so long and so frustrating to have my score so low. I really need a new vehicle, but worried about getting approved for a loan. Not anymore! Thank you!


I started Sovereign Credit Repair and counseling in 2007. I was driven by the fact that so many people were unaware of the FCRA and the laws pertaining to it. It was fascinating to me how many people didn’t know their rights. I started attending webinars, seminars and boot camps so that I could educate myself and others and that was when I decided to open my doors to helping others. I connected with a few real estate agents and local mortgage companies who started sending me clients. I started working and still work on a referral base network. I believe in helping people accomplish their goals and I will not treat you as a number. All of my customers have value and do what I can to help clients accomplish their goals. There are so many people out there that I know I can help and educate regarding their rights as a consumer of credit repair.


Excerpt from letter:

“I went from being unable to buy anything on credit in Feb 2009 to prequalifying and actually buying a $190,000 house in Oct. 2009. Without SCR’s help I would still be where I was at a year ago and in terrible shape credit wise.”


“SCR helped me get 95% of all negative accounts off of my credit reports. They were great at communicating w/me and answering all of my questions in a timely fashion. Thier prices were very reasonable and very competitive from other credit repair companies. 

I would very much recommend their services.”


“My results with SCR. have more than exceeded my expectations. Not only do I get to start over with completely clean slate, my credit score jumped almost 100 points. they were very thorough and informed with not only the process of removing unwanted items from my credit report but how to re-establish good credit. 

My investment was very reasonable and the outcome worth every penny.”


“Before I used Sovereign Credit Repair, I was unable to get approved for anything. Now I am house hunting as a first time home owner. I appreciate all of your hard work! Who would have thought that it only took a few months to correct a decade’s worth of debt!”